Pediatric Dental Emergencies

If your child experiences a dental emergency, call us immediately. We have an emergency number to provide urgent treatment after hours. We are always here to support the health of your child. We want to provide you with some tips to handle an emergency dental situation. We suggest printing this guide out for easy access.


Bitten Lip or Tongue

If your child bites their lip or tongue hard enough to break the tissue and bleed, begin by cleaning the bite with water and a cold compress to prevent swelling. Once you have provided the first-aid, contact us to assess the seriousness of the bite.

Object Caught in Teeth

If you find an object in between your child’s teeth, try to remove it using gentle motions with a piece of dental floss. Never attempt to remove a lodged object using metal, plastic, or sharp tool. If the object does not come out using dental floss, call us.

Broken, Chipped, or Fractured Tooth

If your child loses a piece of a tooth, the first step is to rinse their mouth using warm water, then apply a cold compress to alleviate the swelling. Try to find the tooth fragment that came off, if you find it, save it in an envelope or zip lock bag. Call us immediately.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your child loses a tooth due to trauma, locate the tooth and rinse it with water without soap. Avoid using touching the root of the tooth and place it in a clean container of milk. Call us immediately or head to the hospital. In many cases, it is possible to save the tooth with swift intervention.

Loose Tooth

If you identify a loose tooth in your child’s mouth, call us immediately for an appointment. A loose tooth should be extracted because it is at risk of being swallowed or inhaled.


If your child signals pain in their teeth, start by rinsing their mouth using warm water. Then, inspect their teeth and look for anything caught in between the teeth. If the pain persists, apply a cold compress to offer comfort. Avoid heat and do not apply aspirin or any topical numbing agent to the source of the pain. These types of products can harm the gums. Instead, administer an oral children’s pain reliever. Call to schedule an appointment immediately.

Broken Jaw

If you feel that your child may have a broken jaw, apply a cold compress to alleviate the swelling. Call our emergency line or head to the nearest hospital. A broken jaw is often caused by a blow to the head which can be serious or even deadly.

Avoiding Injury

The best way to avoid dental emergencies is to remove the perils from your home. Avoid chewing on hard foods such as ice. Practice car safety by using car seats for younger children and seatbelts for older kids. If your child engages in contact sports, encourage them to wear a mouthguard. We offer custom mouthguards for children, ask us during your next visit. And don’t forget to prevent tooth decay by brushing regularly, flossing, and visiting us for regular checkups.

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