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Preventive Care

At Kirkland Kids Dentistry, prevention is our number one goal. We strive to teach children good oral hygiene practices and create healthy habits beginning at a young age. We will discuss proper nutrition and dietary habits, good brushing and flossing techniques, and apply Fluoride in an effort to keep your child’s smile healthy. We may also recommend placing protective sealants on the primary and/or permanent molars to reduce the likelihood of cavity formation.

Nitrous Oxide/"Laughing Gas"

We frequently recommend the use of Nitrous Oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, to aid in children’s treatment appointments. Nitrous Oxide is easily administered by having your child wear a comfortable nose mask and asking them to breathe normally. Nitrous Oxide is extremely safe, works quickly and effectively, and best of all it wears off in only 5 minutes.

The laughing gas is completely out of their system before they leave our office. This gas introduces feelings of euphoria, reduces anxiety, suppresses the gag reflex, and helps to eliminate discomfort during dental procedures. Children can return to their normal day-to-day routine or return to school immediately after their appointment.

Moderate Oral Sedation

For children with moderate dental anxiety, our doctors may recommend completing their treatment under oral sedation. Our dentists will evaluate your child to see if they’re a good candidate and if they would benefit from this treatment method. If oral sedation is recommended, your child will remain conscious throughout the procedure, however they often forget much of the appointment afterwards. We ask that your child stays home from school the day of their treatment, but may return to their normal routine the following day.

General Anesthesia​​

General Anesthesia is recommended for young children, special needs patients, and/or children who are unable to cope with dental treatment in the typical dental setting. With a licensed Anesthesiologist present, we can complete all of your child’s dental treatment needs in one appointment. This is comparable to your child having a surgery for tonsil removal and/or ear tube placement, your child will be asleep for the entire procedure. We ask that your child stays home from school the day of their appointment, but they may return to their normal routine the following day.


Our doctors are trained to evaluate and treat lip and tongue ties. A frenectomy procedure consists of releasing the tissue underneath the tongue or upper lip to allow for improved range of motion. Restrictions of the lip and/or tongue can cause difficulty with breastfeeding, speech, dental decay, and dental spacing. Frenectomy procedures are completed quickly and easily at our practice using laser dentistry.

Dental Emergencies

If your child experiences a dental emergency, call us immediately. We have an emergency number to provide urgent treatment after hours. We are always here for you!


Most common questions

We welcome all questions and we’re happy to guide you throughout the process. Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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