Kirkland Pediatrics Explain the Tell-Show-Do Method

Kids don’t understand that dentists are here to help, so they are understandably nervous visiting our Kirkland pediatric dentist office. To make their experience less daunting and help them feel safe, we employ the tell-show-do method. This breaks down the process of getting dental care so that anxious pediatric dental patients understand what we’re doing and why. 

Step One: Telling

This involves our Kirkland pediatric dentist explaining to your child what our team will be doing during the appointment. We make sure to use child-friendly terms and answer any questions that come up. We also make the tools we use less scary by explaining them and our procedures in a non-threatening way. By telling your child what to expect, they aren’t surprised and don’t tense up as we work.

Step Two: Showing

Some children don’t fully process information just by hearing it. That’s why the second step is showing. We’ll demonstrate the tools and procedures on a doll or stuffed animal so your child can see what will happen. 

Step Three: Doing

This final step is when our dentist performs the procedure. By this point, your kid should feel more comfortable and at ease, making the appointment go more smoothly. However, we don’t stop communicating with them and can pause and explain, answer questions, or give them a chance to take a break if necessary. 

Why Our Kirkland Pediatric Team Uses This Method

Using tell-show-do might mean your kid’s appointment takes a little extra time, but it can help establish a good relationship with our dental team. The method encourages health literacy, meaning your child will get used to asking questions and making sure they know about their care. Below are a few other benefits of using this method. 

Reduced Anxiety

A lot of fear is based on the unknown, so we pull back the curtain to let them peek at what we do. By explaining and demonstrating the procedures beforehand, your kid will feel more in control. 

Fewer Wiggles

When a child feels more comfortable and at ease, they are more likely to cooperate while we care for their teeth, making it easier for the kids’ dentists from Kirkland to perform any necessary procedures.

Future Trust

By taking the time to explain what happens when kids visit the dentist, Dr. Allyson Dkeidek and Dr. Kim Rosenthal Patterson earn pediatric patients’ trust. This not only makes future appointments easier, but also makes it more likely that your child will act on our dentists’ advice and follow through with good oral care at home. 

Consider Dental Sedation as Another Option

Sometimes, tell-show-do isn’t enough to totally mitigate your child’s fears. That’s okay. We offer additional help to calm their nerves, including sedation dentistry. This is a great option for children who have a phobia of dentists or needles, are special needs, or need a long or involved dental procedure. We offer several types of sedation—nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, or general anesthesia—so we can find the right fit for each pediatric case. 

Demystify Dental Care for Kids with Kirkland Pediatrics

If you have a child who is afraid of the dentist, consider consulting our pediatric dentists about tell-show-do or dental sedation for dental cleanings and checkups or other procedures. This can make a positive difference in your child’s dental experience and help them develop good oral health habits for life.

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